Sunday, October 6, 2013

2013's First Pink Event

We knew it was coming, but today's game at Lambeau Field made it official: we're back in the NFL's month-long breast cancer awareness event.

This year, it is a co-branded event between the Packers and Kohl's department store.

In addition to the tons of pink-hued merchandise for sale, all fans were given a pink towel to wave. The event also meant pink accents around Lambeau Field and pink accessories worn by the Packers on the field. Sometimes, the promotion was as subtle as pink-ribboned visor clips on a helmet:

Other times, not so subtle.

The Packers have one more home game in October, and unfortunately it's the throwback game against the Browns. I hope the team doesn't double-up the promotions; the only other October throwback game was in 2011, in which the team eschewed the pink accessories.

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Ryan H-M said...

Although it's a nice sentiment, watching the game in person I found the pink incredibly distracting- particularly the neon pink penalty flags. Thankfully, I heard the NFL is doing away with those next year. I'd be just as happy with the teams doing a nice donation and a few PSA's...