Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Throwbacks Leaked?

It looks like the new Packer throwback uniforms, first confirmed last November, have been leaked:

This indicates a return to the very first throwback uniform worn by the Packers, back in 1994:

And not just the style of the old throwbacks, but the exact same throwbacks themselves.

If true, this is monumentally disappointing. I'm a huge fan of the Curly Lambeau era in Packers history, but the team could do so much better in recreating that classic uniform.

It hits the broad strokes, but the details are all wrong.

For the team to wear an inaccurate throwback in 1994 was one thing. But today, they could do so much better.


Anonymous said...

It's hard to re-create those uniforms from the Lambeau era because the stitching lines are different and they have to deprecate where the sleeve and jersey body begin and end in the whole uniform.

Rusty Rayner said...

Agree they could have done a better job of recreating them. Either way I do like them.

Dubzito said...

definitely disappointing that they made the same mistake again. its like they got lazy and didn't even look at the original jerseys, instead designed these based off of pictures from '94. That said, I have to view these as '94 throwbacks instead of '49.

The high yoke thats been floating around on amateur designs wouldve looked great. It's not like it wouldnt be feasible. Even a version of the yoke that the titans wear wouldve been better.

all told i guess im a little glad i dont have to shell out for one of these as its practically identical to the favre that mitchell and ness made.