Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Nike Makes It Official

Nike has posted their press release announcing the new alternate uniforms, along with our first look at the full uniform.

As I reported earlier, the Packers will be wearing their tan pants and navy socks with the jersey.

The yoke looks better over pads, not as oversized.

Note also the green facemask; these are the standard helmets with logos and Braisher stripes removed.

The tan pants aren't exactly accurate for the period, but I do like the look.

Here's the press release:

Tradition. History. Success. These words define the Green Bay Packers. The Packers own the most championships (13) in National Football League history, and since its founding in 1919, have honored tradition with a distinctive green and yellow uniform aesthetic.

Today, the Packers reveal a new Nike alternate uniform replicating the team’s 1937 design, which has not been worn on the field since 1994. The Packers have won two championships in this uniform that navy blue and gold jersey [sic], the Packers’ predominant color scheme over their first three decades; and their design will include a gold yoke across the shoulders, the distinctive feature of their uniforms from 1937-49. Completing the throwback uniform will be faded gold pants and navy socks.

The fan jerseys will be available for purchase on Nike.com and in select retailers beginning today.
I do love the uniform as a whole, although I wish they had re-designed the jersey rather than just grabbing Starter's imperfect 1994 design.


Anonymous said...

Quote: Murphy said the NFL is also starting a new initiative called "color on color," with teams wearing jerseys that feature only one color. It's "purely voluntary" for teams this season, Murphy said, so the Packers will not wear a one-colored jersey in 2015.

Next season, Murphy said, it becomes mandatory.


A_Lerxst_in_Packerland said...

Why why why couldn't they have gone with striped socks? Am I the only person who likes the striped look?

Gold pants would have been looked better, too, IMHO.