Thursday, August 20, 2015

First Look at the "Titletown District"

For the past several years, the Packers have been buying up strip mall land along Lombardi Avenue, west of Lambeau Field. They have already begun closing the big box stores, fast food restaurants and gas stations to prepare for their own development. Today, they announced just what the "Titletown District" will look like, and it's nothing short of spectacular.

In the shadow of Lambeau Field, the Packers are planning a year-round destination space, incorporating medical, retail space, restaurants, a microbrew and hotel around a 10-acre public plaza.
Packers unveil vision for Titletown District

10-acre public plaza to serve as centerpiece of district with Kohler Co., Bellin Health and Hinterland to be key tenants

The Green Bay Packers announced details Thursday for the master plan for the Titletown District, a destination area to be created on approximately 34 acres of land immediately west of Lambeau Field.
Building upon the success of Lambeau Field's major redevelopment in 2003 and subsequent expansion and renovation completed in 2015, the planned Titletown District will maximize its unique location to attract more visitors to the area, spur additional regional economic growth, offer new amenities to residents and complement the greater Green Bay area's draw as an excellent location to live, work and play.

Central to Titletown will be a planned 10-acre public plaza, a park-like setting with year-round, diverse programming that will feature fitness-related activities, cultural opportunities, versatile space for a variety of uses, a winter ice skating rink and team-inspired public art, in addition to festive gameday action.
Three key tenants in Titletown to be integrated around the public plaza will include LODGE KOHLER, a hotel built and managed by Kohler Co., a Bellin Health Sports Medicine Clinic and Hinterland Restaurant and Brewery. These initial tenants will be located on approximately eight acres of land in Titletown. Future development on the remaining 16 acres calls for additional commercial and retail elements, as well as a residential component.

"We're very excited to share our vision for the Titletown District," Packers President/CEO Mark Murphy said. "The public plaza, with its size and location near Lambeau Field, will be a draw that is very unique in our area and a wonderful public space for our community.
"Kohler Co., Bellin Health and Hinterland are three great Wisconsin organizations that provide exceptional service in their respective areas. We’re thrilled they will be a part of Titletown. They each will bring more visitors to the area, serve our current residents and add to the draw for our community as a whole."

Targeted completion is set for Fall 2017 for all initial components and planning for the development is already underway. Groundbreaking is anticipated for this fall with infrastructure and utilities serving as the first work on the area, land that stretches west along Lombardi Avenue from Ridge Road to Marlee Lane.
In addition to further planning and design by each of the three tenants for their facilities, the Packers will hold focus groups in the coming weeks with community stakeholders to determine the desired programming and activities for the public plaza.
Well, you can't accuse them of thinking small.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has an excellent overview of the project:

Not so sure about the "public art" portion of the plan. Check out the 40-foot replica of Bart Starr's Super Bowl I ring:

This is the culmination of the work started with the Lambeau Field Atrium, opened in 2003. For the first time, the stadium itself became a year-round destination with shopping and dining.

I like the fact that they're replacing retail space with retail space, rather than losing much of the residential character that defines the area and solidifies the team's connection with its community.

Such a far cry from the team's earliest days, playing on a roped-off field in front of a few dozen spectators standing around or sitting on their cars. This will take the Packers into their second century in style.

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