Thursday, November 5, 2015

Little Green Men

The Jets and Bills have unveiled their "Color Rush" uniforms for next week's Thursday Night Football. And as we expected, the results are... interesting.

We'll ignore Buffalo, but the New York uniform might give us a little clue as to what the Packers are doing next year when their turn comes around.

Yikes. "Draped in color from jersey to cleats" instead. We should consider ourselves fortunate that the NFL's regulations forbid alternate helmets, or we'd see one of those as well. The Jets did tweak their logo and Braisher stripes, replacing the regular decals with a metallic sheen.

Presuming that this silly promotion isn't cancelled after the first four games, and the Packers are indeed required to come up with a monochrome uniform, this is what the 1953 throwbacks might look like:

(Forgive the rushed Photoshop; it's late and I want to get this post up.)

So what do you think, Packer fans?

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