Monday, December 14, 2015

A Hole in One

Packers running back James Starks had his share of carries in last night's 28-7 win over the Cowboys. His jersey certainly looked the worse for wear - by the second quarter, he had a small tear in the back of his jersey, right between the numbers.

Jim Biever,

I first noticed it when he ran for the team's first score. Here he is emerging from the stands after his Lambeau Leap:

Can't remember the last time I've seen the mesh fabric rip quite that way.

It's also not clear if he had it the rest of the game. I couldn't quite tell, but it doesn't appear to be present in the 4th quarter:

But this photo appears to have been taken at the end of the game, and the tear is once again clearly visible.

Jim Biever,

Something's certainly visible, although that could well be a quick stitch job. Perhaps it was hastily repaired during the game (at halftime?). Given how tightly these jerseys are stretched over the players' frames, not to mention pads, this makes sense. Pinch the fabric together, run a little back stitch to close the hole, that's probably easier than swapping out for a new jersey.

Of course, in the olden days the team would have just taken a needle and thread to it, sending him back on the field with it the following week. Today, he'll get a brand-new one and the torn jersey will be a great memento of an outstanding game.

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