Thursday, December 17, 2015

Bears Feeling Blue in 2016?

Paul Lukas at Uni Watch is reporting some interesting news about Chicago's entry in the league's "Color Rush" promotion next season.
“I’m a member of the Chicago Bears Season Ticket Advisor Group,” says a reader who’d prefer not to be named. “At our meeting on Wednesday night, they informed us that every Thursday-night game next year will be a ‘color rash’ game [which we already knew, of course — PL], and that if the Bears play on a Thursday Night, they will wear mono-navy, not orange.” To my knowledge, the Bears have worn mono-navy only once before, for a Monday-night game against the Packers in 2002. They lost, and the party line since then has been that they’d never wear mono-navy again because of the loss. I think that type of superstitious thing is silly, and I can certainly think of other, better reasons for them not to go mono-navy (for example: looks like total fucking shit), but it’s nice to know that they can scrap their superstition in order to conform with a silly corporate costuming initiative.
Here's a photo of that mono-navy uniform in action:

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher (L) and safety Mike Brown (R) close in on Green Bay Packers receiver Donald Driver (C) after Driver caught a Brett Favre pass in the first quarter, 07 October 2002 in Champaign, Illinois. AFP PHOTO/Tannen MAURY
There was one other time the Bears dragged out this particular uniform combination; the last game of the 2006 season, as the Packers beat them 26-7. The Bears were at less than full strength that evening, having already clinched the top NFC playoff seed on their way to the Super Bowl.

Running back Ahman Green #30 of the Green Bay Packers tries to break free from the grasp of Cameron Worrell #44 of the Chicago Bears as he runs with the ball in the first quarter on December 31, 2006 at Soldier Field in Chicago, Illinois. Credit: Jonathan Daniel
Of course, this time they'd have to add navy socks to it. In for a penny....

I don't like the Bears, but I do respect their visual heritage. I thought it was silly for them to wear that nonsense back in 2002, and it'll will be sillier for them to bring it back next year.

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