Tuesday, September 6, 2016

2016 Uni Watch NFL preview

Paul Lukas has posted the annual Uni Watch NFL preview over at ESPN.com, and there's some information for us in it.
• The Packers will wear their 1940s throwbacks, which they debuted last year, on Oct. 16 against the Cowboys (further info here):
Also: Remember how Green Bay wide receiver James Jones routinely wore a hoodie on the field last season? He won't be doing that this year, because the NFL has banned it.

Well, damn.

There's also something for us in the Bears' section:
NFC North

• The Bears' uniform schedule shows that they'll wear their Monsters of the Midway throwbacks for two divisional games: Oct. 2 against the Lions and Oct. 31 against the Vikings.

Not new, but confirmation nonetheless. The Packers' "Color Rush" event will be in Week 7, October 20th, as they host the Bears on Thursday Night Football.

And finally:
Additional Notes

• The league's well-established month-long protocols -- pink trim for breast cancer awareness in October and camouflage trim to salute the military in November -- will be rolled out once again.


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