Monday, September 12, 2016

White is the New Green?

We've seen some reports that the Packers' Color Rush uniform will be predominantly... white.

Last week, Paul Lukas of Uni Watch reported a little tidbit he'd received:
As for the individual designs, who knows? Some of the info that’s floated on Reddit turns out to be legit and some turns out to be nonsense. And just to make things more confusing, I received an email last night from someone who said these are the Color Rash jerseys being ordered by a Lids store in Indiana:

Check out the first line. Interesting.

Now we have this from Twitter user @NFL_Leaks. I've been ignoring most of the leaks but this one is made up of images found on Nike's NFL shop.

So those are the indications we have so far. We should learn more soon....

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