Tuesday, November 1, 2016

70s Grounds Crew Jacket on eBay

This eBay listing caught my eye, purporting to be a Lambeau Field grounds crew jacket from the 1970s:

The jacket itself is fairly unremarkable, a simple green nylon shell with sheepskin lining.

The jacket features a single-bar gray facemasked helmet graphic common to the period. What's uncommon, and what caught my eye, is the logo on the helmet: the green and white are reversed.

Ordinarily, this might be considered the mark of bootleg merchandise, except that the Packers themselves used a reverse-colored logo on occasion. The earliest example I can think of was in 1962, when the watch given out in lieu of a championship ring featured a reversed logo.

That was only one year after the logo itself was introduced. More recently, the 1997 stock certificates also featured this green-on-white logo.

For a while, the reversed logo was even seen on the side of Lambeau Field, such as this glimpse from the 1980s:

So it's certainly possible that this is an authentic grounds crew jacket. Is it worth $559.99 plus shipping? That is entirely up to you.

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