Saturday, October 19, 2013

Still a Touch of Green with the Gold?

The Packers' website appears to be reporting that the Packers will wear their standard green facemasks with their throwback blue uniforms tomorrow:

The Green Bay Packers will wear the team’s third jersey, a re-creation of the historic 1929 uniform worn by the franchise’s first NFL championship team, during Sunday’s Packers-Cleveland game.

Due to new NFL helmet guidelines, the team this year will utilize its regular gold helmet without the logo and stripes. A similar helmet arrangement was used by the Packers during NFL “throwback” games in 1994 and 2001.
Although the NFL prohibits teams from wearing alternate helmets, there is no such rule requiring them to use the same facemasks in every game. We saw this in Week 2 when the Bears wore their throwbacks against Minnesota:

That's their regular navy helmet, stripped of its logo, but a throwback gray facemask.

The press release is mostly correct about past throwback helmets. In 1994, the Packers did indeed wear their regular green facemasks.

In 2001, however, they wore gray masks with their gold shells.

Personally, I'm hoping for the gray (or better yet, blue), but the team's graphic indicates we might see a replay of 1994.

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Rusty Rayner said...

I think the gold helmets looked a whole lot better than the brown ones they wore the past few years. I agree with you on the face-masks.