Monday, April 27, 2015

At Least They Don't Think We Play in Indianapolis

The Packers have unveiled the design for this year's Draft caps:

Ooo, shiny.

On the back, the golden NFL logo they're using this year to mark the Super Bowl 50.

The real treat is the underbrim of the cap. New Era is decorating those with the skyline of the team's host city:

This is a little more effective for cities like New York or Chicago, but it's still kind of fun.

I recognize the Tower Drive Bridge, although Wikipedia informs me that it was renamed the "Leo Frigo Memorial Bridge" in 2002. Shows how often I get back.

As undistinguished as Green Bay's skyline might be, at least we're not Jacksonville fans. Their cap's underbrim looks like this:

Only problem is, that's not Jacksonville's skyline. This is:

Those lovely teal-outlined buildings are actually found in Miami, 350 miles to the south:

The Miami New Times has this handy Photoshop comparison:

Whoops. New Era has fessed up to the mistake and promised it will be corrected by the time the caps hit stores.

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