Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Do I Smell a Rematch?

The four teams left standing in the AFC playoffs are Denver, Pittsburgh, Kansas City and New England. That means if (yes, if) the Packers can make it to the final game Super Bowl 50 will be a rematch. It could perhaps even a uniform rematch, setting aside the fact that the AFC team will have home field advantage. Let's take a look at these possibilities in chronological order.

Packers/Chiefs would be an interesting one. The 50th Super Bowl as a rematch of the first, in the same state if not the same city.

A Patriots/Packers rematch would look the least like the original game, as the Pats have tweaked their uniforms greatly since the 1996 season. The colors are now darker, with an increased emphasis on blue at the expense of red.

Those two potential matchups would give the other team an opportunity to exact revenge on the Packers. Only the Denver Broncos allow the Pack an opportunity to avenge a loss in the title game.

All these years later, I'm still kind of surprised how thoroughly I've managed to block that game from my mind. Of course, in order for this to be a real throwback the Broncos would have to wear their alternate navy jerseys, as they did earlier this year.

Seeing the Steelers in the Super Bowl would mean a rematch of the Packers' most recent opponent. This is the only Super Bowl I've covered since turning my zine into a blog, and would certainly be satisfying.

So what do you say, Packers fans? What possible rematch would you like to see?

I have to admit, the urge for revenge is strong, and therefore I'd like to see the Packers thrash the Broncos in Santa Clara. But from a strictly æsthetic perspective, I couldn't pass up the opportunity to reprise the first Super Bowl.

Two traditionally-minded teams in uniforms virtually the same as they were wearing fifty years ago in California. It would be beautiful.

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