Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Nitschke Rampages Through LA

Last night the NFL voted to allow the Rams to return to Los Angeles, their home from 1946-1994. To celebrate the return of this little piece of football history, I offer a picture of Ray Nitschke tearing through the Los Angeles special teams line.

Green Bay Packers Ray Nitschke (66) in action, defense during punt attempt by Los Angeles Rams Danny Villanueva (11) at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Los Angeles, CA PHOTO CREDIT: Neil Leifer/Getty Images
This game was played on December 16, 1962, the final game of the regular season. The Packers came out on top 20–17 to cap off a 13-1 season on their way to a second consecutive World Championship.

Much is being made about the Rams possibly ditching the 90s navy-and-being and returning to their classic color scheme when they take the field in LA. As a lover of bright colors, I'd love to see it, especially if they wore gold jerseys like they did in the early 1950s:

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