Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Little Touch of Gold (UPDATED)

No picture yet, but there's a small tweak to the Packers' helmets - the NFL decal on the back has been changed to match the gold/black version commemorating the 50th Super Bowl.

This has been around since January of last year, and has been featured on sideline merchandise (not to mention all manner of merchandise), but so far as I know this is its first appearance on uniforms.

Picture to come.

UPDATE:    Here's a good look:

Photo credit: Jim Biever,

I don't mind this. I'm not a fan of all the clutter they slap on the back of the helmets, and at worst this is a little less busy than the red-white-and-blue logo they usually wear.

Kinda surprised they didn't do that with the league patch on the jerseys. Maybe they're saving that for the Super Bowl itself.

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