Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Jerry Kramer's Rings

Last week, the Packers tweeted this photo:

A photo of all 5 of Jerry Kramer's #Packers championship rings -1961, '62, '65, Super Bowls I & II:
But wait — I thought the Packers didn't issue championship rings to players in 1962. Didn't players receive watches instead?

Let's look at the photo a little more closely.

A very impressive collection.

Okay. The four on the right are easy. Looking at those four from middle finger to pinky, we have the 1965 championship ring, then the two Super Bowl rings, 1967 over 1966, then finally the 1961 ring.

It's the ring on his index finger that's at issue, the one they're calling a "1962 ring". Here it is, a little closer still:

Ah, mystery solved.

That's not a championship ring; it's a Packers Hall of Fame ring, given to him upon his induction in 1975. Compare it with Ray Nitschke's Class of '78 ring, sold by Heritage Auctions last April:

Heritage Auctions

Easy mistake, since PHoF rings are so seldom seen.

So far as I know, no player was issued a ring following the 1962 World Championship. But I'd love to see Mr. Kramer's watch.

(h/t: David van der Steen)

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