Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Now THIS Is a Draft You Can Dodge

Today, New Era gave us our first look at the Packers' 2012 draft cap:

This is a standard template - all 32 teams will be receiving the same treatment:

The city name is in the same barbed font, superimposed over a halftone representation of the team's logo. I'm all for emphasizing the city name over team nickname, but the halftone just looks off to me. Lavender for the Ravens, baby blue for the Giants, and kelly green for the Packers. They don't all work very well with the team's primary color.

It appears as though there will be multiple variations of these caps, including one with a white front panel and one with the team nickname and smaller, more traditional, logo:

New Era's caps will go on sale on April 1, the first day of its license to provide authentic sideline caps for the entire NFL.

UPDATED: New Era has unveiled the Packers' versions of all three caps:

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