Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Peek at the (Sizeable) Swoosh.

Dolphins cornerback Sean Smith has posted a picture of his team's orange alternate Nike jersey on his Twitter feed.

This is our first look at a Nike jersey under the new league-wide uniform manufacturing contract. And it doesn't show anything groundbreaking. Set-in sleeve, screened stripes (sure hope the Packers opt for something a bit more professional-looking), Nike swoosh logo. The shoosh looks awfully big to me, but that can't be helped by comparison with the very small Dolphins logo patch.

Most notably, it doesn't appear that Nike has altered the sleeve stripe pattern. Compare with the soon-to-be-former Reebok version:

I know that there have been fears expressed that Nike would run roughshod over the current designs of all teams; I have never believed that, and apparently I was right to be skeptical.

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