Thursday, March 29, 2012

Would You Call This a 'Hsoows'?

This blurry cameraphone photo was Tweeted earlier today. It shows what appears to be the Jacksonville Jaguars' new Nike jerseys.

Nothing much new here. Looks like the Jags are keeping the same basic design next year, with the addition of a black jersey in the same template.

There is one point of interest to us, though. Look at the left sleeve of the white jersey: is that swoosh backwards?

If this photo is genuine, that would be a significant departure for Nike.

In the past, they have always noted in their style guides that the swoosh is never to face right to left (except, of course, for every right shoe they sell). And when they outfitted the Packers (and others) before Reebok assumed the league-wide conract, the swoosh always faced the same way on each sleeve.

We'll see soon enough. The Nike unveiling is scheduled for April 3rd in New York City.

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