Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Capping Off the New Merchandise Contract

Another piece of 2012 Packer merchandise has been unveiled. '47 Brand (formerly known as Twins Enterprise) is making unstructured caps. Here's their preview of the NFC North, posted today on the company's Facebook page:

I love it. I've never been fond of high-dome structured caps, preferring the soft cotton of an unstructured. Nobody makes them better than '47 Brand does. I have several in my collection, including this beauty, my current favorite:

We can expect to see multiple variations in various colors, as seen by this additional Chicago cap:

Sorry for the Bear-heavy graphics, but they haven't posted any better shots of the Packer caps yet.

If history is any guide, we should also see caps with teams' alternate logos. Perhaps the Holstein Heisman among them. Now if '47 Brand will only produce a Packer version with Vince Lombardi's classic interlocking "GB" logo, I'd be happy to buy twenty or thirty.

We can always hope.

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Josh said...

That '47 Brand will be a new supplier is very exciting. I picked up that same barrelman hat at Miller Park last year and it is a favorite of mine as well.

These guys make the most comfortable hats around. I liked the Reebok hats, but I love '47 brand.