Monday, January 10, 2011

C You in the Playoffs

Once again, as the Packers enter the playoffs, they sew Captain's patches on the jerseys.

The patches are standardized across the league, but not mandatory. The Packers don't wear them during the regular season, as captains are selected on a week-to-week basis without enough time to add them to the uniform (team seamstress Marge Switzer has enough to do getting the team ready each week). Green Bay selects one set of captains for the entire playoffs, so we're treated to this ├Žsthetic blot in January.

I still oppose the whole idea - the patches are unnecessary, they clutter the uniform, and the standardized design doesn't match anything else in the Packers' scheme. Time to scrap the program.

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Tommy said...

What will happen to those players next year who will be in their 6th year of captaincy (on other teams)? They've gone with gold on the C for players like Drew Brees who have been captain for 5 years, but what about 6 years?