Friday, January 28, 2011

Playing the Field

Crews are working to re-brand Cowboys Stadium in Super Bowl livery. This gives us our first look at the field:

The Packers' colors will decorate the right endzone, gold stencil wordmark against a dark green field.

The NFL's logo replaces the Cowboys' star at midfield, flanked by Super Bowl XLV logos at either 25-yard line.

The logos are a combination of press-on decals and paint applied with stencils.

As the home team, the Packers will use the Cowboys' locker room and sideline:

The Steelers are getting gold, the Packers dark green.

It's not just the field. The stadium's exterior is being covered in Super Bowl livery, including a slightly larger-than-life photo of Aaron Rodgers.

When completed, the field will look something like this:

Almost ready for the coin toss.

Photo credit: Mackie Morris
Field rendering: Puckguy14

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