Thursday, January 27, 2011

Video: 1962 NFL Title Game

As we lead up to the Super Bowl, we'll be looking back, in no particular order, at some of the Packers' previous title games.

From YouTube comes this 2-part video of the 1962 NFL title game which was played on December 30, 1962 at Yankee Stadium. The Green Bay Packers defeated the New York Football Giants, 16-7, to claim their eighth (and Lombardi's second) World Championship. The Packers wore their road whites, only the second time (after 1960) they had done so in a championship tilt.

"I think it was about as fine a football game as I’ve ever seen," commented Packers legendary coach Vince Lombardi after the game. "I think we saw football as it should be played."

Check out the team jacket Bart Starr is wearing in the opening segment. I'm not familiar with this one:

It appears to be pretty simple, a dark green wool jacket with single gold stripe on the collar, waist and cuffs.

Odd placement for the team name - across the shoulders, it's about where player names would be at the end of the decade.

A very sharp look.

Later on, when Willie Wood is ejected from the game for arguing a flag, he takes to the sidelines and dons a cape and knit cap.

The cap is interesting; it should bear his #24, but instead it appears to be #17, a number which was unissued between 1960 and 1967:

I wonder if it was common for players to wear other numbers on their sideline gear.

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Anonymous said...

Why was Willie Wood ejected for questioning a call? Was there a racial undertone for the ejection? I was 10 when I was watching the 1960 championship hame and that was the impression that stayed with me...a little white kid from west central Wisconsin. It seemed so unfair....