Friday, January 14, 2011

Return of an Old Friend, Part 2

Sharp-eyed reader Matt Erdman points out that the Packers are expanding their use of the Lombardi-era "Wisconsin Heisman" logo, previously spotted on helmet visor tabs this season.

This team video was taken in the visitors' locker room in Philadelphia, immediately following the Packers' 21-16 Wild Card playoff victory over the Eagles. Neatly lined up in front of every locker is a green equipment bag prominently featuring a familiar logo (an anonymous reader mentioned this in the prior post's comments, but I didn't have a picture of the duffles until now).

Although a little harder to see, the logo is also featured prominently on the nameplates above every locker:

Good to see it getting this much play. And thanks for the tip, Matt - keep 'em coming!