Thursday, January 27, 2011

Patch a Rising Star

The Packers have just given us our first look at the jerseys to be worn in the Super Bowl, as Marge Switzer and her team prepare the uniforms for the game.

That's a great sweater.

I particularly like her "G" logo earrings:

These little number patches find their way on to sideline gear, caps and jackets.

The Super Bowl logo looks pretty good; silver's a nice accent color with the green and gold. One of the things I like about the new Super Bowl "logo system" is that the Lombardi Trophy patch will look good on just about every uniform. We won't have the color clashes we've seen in the past.

Are those patches heat-applied?

Photo credit: Duke Bobber/

UPDATE 1/28: Paul Lukas has confirmed with the NFL that the patches will be heat-sealed to the jerseys, not sewn. This appears to be a departure from NFL norm, although baseball has done this for years, which has led to some interesting "wardrobe malfunctions":

Hope they don't end up scattering little silver patches across the Cowboys Stadium turf.

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