Saturday, February 5, 2011

Green (and Gold) Party

As Super Bowl XLV approaches, Democrats and Republicans in Madison have set their partisan differences. Red state, blue state, nothing. This week, Wisconsin is a green and gold state.

In honor of the Packers' Super Bowl run, the Wisconsin State Capitol's dome is being lit in Titletown's colors.

The Wisconsin State Journal gives us the inside story, as state workers use floodlights with lighting gels to cast color across the granite.

Jen Ahlstrom, left, and John Hyatt braved blowing snow and frigid weather Monday to attach the colored gels to dozens of state Capitol lights that will make the dome glow green and gold in honor of the Green Bay Packers and the team’s trip to the Super Bowl.
Carolyn Trumpy, who is in charge of all lightng at the Capitol, helps install green and gold gels on the spotlights on top of one of the wings of the Capitol.
Outstanding. Wish I could see it in person.

Photo credit: M.P. King – Wisconsin State Journal

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