Thursday, February 10, 2011

(Sports Illustrated) Cover Boys

The newest Sports Illustrated cover has been unveiled:

The Packers ought to be used to this exposure—since the magazine moved to a "regional cover" system, the Packers have been on the cover four times this season. It began with the NFL Preview Issue:

Check out Peter King's prediction up top..

So close, yet so far.

Other covers followed, this one decked out in October's Breast Cancer Awareness pink:

Defeating the Bears in the NFC Championship Game put the Packers back on the cover.

Now that the Packers have won the title, they are the subject not only of the regular weekly issue above, but also of the annual Super Bowl Champions commemorative issue.

Not their strongest cover design - I much prefer one clear image to this rather cluttered, text-heavy paste job. But still, what's to quibble with?

Sports Illustrated is also selling a hardcover edition of the championship issue, with a different cover, as part of a subscription promotion package.

"Pack on Top," indeed.


Jeff said...

The second cover in the row of Rodgers face was released at the beginning of the 2009 season on October 1, 2009. They only do one season preview issue a year.

Chance Michaels said...

Argh, you're right, of course - I had mis-dated it when I saved the image.