Monday, February 7, 2011

Shooting Blanks

Uniform oddity from last night, as John Kuhn's helmet lost its logo in the first quarter.

We've seen decal issues before, although rarely with the Packers (the Bears use a thinner decal, suffering an inordinate amount of chipped, torn and broken helmet logos).

Jim Vilk, over on the Uni Watch blog comment thread, suggests that Kuhn "was just bringing out his inner Steeler." I'd prefer to think this was Kuhn's one-man throwback to the 1959-60 Packer squads of yore.

This is the third time during the 2010 playoffs that Kuhn has found himself with a helmet-related wardrobe malfunction. He briefly lost his neck bumper during the Atlanta game:

And in the NFC Championship Game, Kuhn's helmet logo took a bit of a beating (and check out Bears defensive tackle Matt Toeaina, #75, on the top of the pile):

And now a completely missing logo in the Super Bowl. Fortunately, a new decal was quickly applied to the side of his helmet, and Kuhn's unintentional tribute was quietly retired.

(h/t: Uni Watch)

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Tommy said...

Thanks for the 1961 Sports Illustrated pic. Funny how ESPN calls 2011 "Year of the Quarterback," when Sports Illustrated used that 50 years ago!