Wednesday, February 9, 2011

To the Victors go the Merchandise

As Matthews and Rodgers stood atop the podium, lifting the Lombardi Trophy above their heads, with trophy-shaped confetti wafting over them, they were a picture-perfect ad for the Green Bay Packers, for the National Football League and (not incidentally) for a whole host of "Super Bowl Champs" merchandise.

Within minutes of the final whistle, customers of the NFL's online shop received this in their email inboxes:

Foremost among the 300 promised items are the locker-room pieces, issued to the players immediately after the game. Packer Backers can buy the same t-shirt, cap and towel worn by their heroes.

I rather like the Super Bowl patch on the back of the cap:

I'm not quite as sold on the towel.

Championship belt is not (yet) available.

The hype hasn't died down since the big game ended - the emails continue. This one arrived today:

In addition to the obvious t-shirts, jackets and caps, tons of new products are available so you may celebrate the Packers' Super Bowl win in all areas of your life:

I suppose it would be churlish to point out that the Super Bowl patch is on the wrong side, and that the captain patch should be in that spot?

In any case, whatever your pleasure, the NFL will find some way for you to celebrate and remember the Packers' amazing Super Bowl win.

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